Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Christmas Cookie Club, by Ann Pearlman **PART 2***

WoW! I finished listening to the book today, and I was sad that it was over, I wanted to know more about these wonderful ladies. Ann Pearlman is a GREAT author! I am so excited I just read that there will be another book out in 2011 with some of the same cookie club members in it.

As most of my friends and family know I love to bake! My love of baking comes from my favorite lady in the whole world! My Grandmother.  The ladies in our family would do a day of baking, NO MEN ALLOWED!
Unfortunately my Grandmother has not been able to participate in cookie baking with me for about 5 years now, she has  Dementia and is a very nice nursing home. I am crying as I type this, this is the first time I have really let my self think about missing her in this way even though she is still with us, she can not communicate with us. I have done cookie swaps for the past 5 years with my various mom's groups. I LOVE the Cookie Club idea.

Ann Pearlman and  Marybeth Bayer have since written  THE CHRISTMAS COOKIE COOKBOOK. I am thinking of starting my own cookie club with my friends and family. I am thinking I will save some money aside to purchase the cookbook.

I am not sure if any of this made since or if I was just randomly babbling. My point was that I LOVED the book!

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  1. Thanks Jen, I miss my grandmother, too and so many of my cookie recipes are hers!!