Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


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Monday, November 29, 2010


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Jennifer Savage Allenbach

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Christmas Cookie Club, by Ann Pearlman **PART 2***

WoW! I finished listening to the book today, and I was sad that it was over, I wanted to know more about these wonderful ladies. Ann Pearlman is a GREAT author! I am so excited I just read that there will be another book out in 2011 with some of the same cookie club members in it.

As most of my friends and family know I love to bake! My love of baking comes from my favorite lady in the whole world! My Grandmother.  The ladies in our family would do a day of baking, NO MEN ALLOWED!
Unfortunately my Grandmother has not been able to participate in cookie baking with me for about 5 years now, she has  Dementia and is a very nice nursing home. I am crying as I type this, this is the first time I have really let my self think about missing her in this way even though she is still with us, she can not communicate with us. I have done cookie swaps for the past 5 years with my various mom's groups. I LOVE the Cookie Club idea.

Ann Pearlman and  Marybeth Bayer have since written  THE CHRISTMAS COOKIE COOKBOOK. I am thinking of starting my own cookie club with my friends and family. I am thinking I will save some money aside to purchase the cookbook.

I am not sure if any of this made since or if I was just randomly babbling. My point was that I LOVED the book!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Christmas Cookie Club, by Ann Pearlman

This is the book I am listening to on my MP3 player at the moment. I did buy the actual book to read, but have since found I can multi-task while listening to books. I am enjoying this book so far. Here is a little about it. They have this book at the library if you want to check it out.

Mark your calendar. It's the Christmas Cookie Club! Every year on the first Monday of December, Marnie and her twelve closest girlfriends gather in the evening with batches of beautifully wrapped homemade cookies. Everyone brings a dish, a bottle of wine and their stories. This year, the stories are especially important. Marnie's oldest daughter has a risky pregnancy. Will she find out tonight how that story might end? Jeannie's father is having an affair with her best friend. Who else knew about the betrayal, and how can that be forgiven or forgotten, even among old friends such as these? Rosie's husband doesn't want children, and she has to decide whether that's a deal breaker for the marriage. Taylor's life is in financial freefall. Each woman, each friend has a story to tell, and they are all interwoven, just as their lives are. On this evening, at least, they can feel as a group the impulses of sisterly love and conflict, the passion and hopefulness of a new romance, the betrayal and disillusionment some relationships bring, the joys and fears of motherhood, the agony of losing a child and above all, the love they have for one another. As Marnie says, the Christmas Cookie Club, if it's anything, is a reminder of delight. The Christmas Cookie Club is about the paths Marnie and her friends have taken, the absolute joy they take in life. Ultimately, The Christmas Cookie Club is every woman's story. Celebrating courage and joy in spite of hard times and honoring the importance of women's friendships and the embracing bonds of community, you'll see yourself and some of the ingredients of your own story.

Some facts about Snicker Doodles

 25 Homemade cookies for $10.00

snickerdoodle is a type of sugar cookie made with cream of tartar and rolled in cinnamon sugar. It is characterized by a cracked surface and can be crisp or soft depending on preference. In modern recipes, the leavening agent is usually baking powder.[citation needed]
Some people mistakenly refer to snickerdoodles as "sugar cookies." The difference between the two comes from the use of cinnamon, which is balanced with cream of tartar to give the cookies their sweet, spicy flavor.[citation needed]

The Joy of Cooking claims that snickerdoodles are probably German in origin, and that the name is a corruption of the German word Schneckennudeln, which means "snail noodles."[1] A different author suggests that the word "snicker" comes from the Dutch word snekrad, or the German word Schnecke, which both describe a snail shape.[2] Yet another hypothesis suggests that the name has no particular meaning or purpose [3] and is simply a whimsically named cookie that originated from a New England tradition of fanciful cookie names.[4] There is also a series of tall tales about a hero named "Snickerdoodle" from the early 1900s which may be related to the name of the cookie.[5]

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